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Why Become A Member

The 404 K-W Wing is a great place to go for an afternoon or evening of relaxation with your friends and family.  Located in the northwest corner of Waterloo - just off Weber Street, it is easy to find and has plenty of free parking.  The friendly atmosphere offers a quiet lounge with bar facilities, an intimate card/TV room, shuffleboard, an outdoor patio garden, and a separate billiards room.  You will have an opportunity to make new friends, attend social events, talk to Air Force veterans of the Second World War or recently retired Air Force personnel, in addition to meeting other members with like interests.  The regular monthly newsletter, Wing Ding, providing information of upcoming events and happenings is included in your membership.  Guests are always welcomed.

Membership Benefits Include:
Q Receive monthly newsletter, Wing Ding
Q Special rental rates for members
Q Attend social events such as Christmas parties, Saturday Night Dinners,
       conferences, Valentine's parties, BBQ's, golfing tournaments and more
Q    Volunteer Opportunities: Poppy Fund, support for local charitable groups and
       special events at the Wing


Types of Memberships

There are 3 types of members:

  • Regular Member: Includes veterans, those who have served in the Air Force or civil aviation, or past members of Air Cadets

  • Associate Member:

  • Social Member:

    * Air Force Magazine included with Regular Membership

*  Please note that to apply for a membership it is not necessary for a member of your family to have served in the Air Force.

 Print Membership Application - complete and submit to  404 K-W Wing, RCAFA

                                                                                                 510 Dutton Drive
                                                                                                 Waterloo, ON
                                                                                                 N2L 4C6


The Royal Canadian Air Force Association of Canada is an advocacy group for Canada's Air Force.  Regular Members receive an annual subscription to the Air force Magazine.   We support a strong national aerospace industry and high standards for civil aviation.  We proudly perpetuate the glorious traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force and support the national  Air Cadet movement.






Licensed Lounge

Outdoor Patio - Garden



Exercise Program

Friday Lunches

Special Events

Cards & Games
Social Dinners



Yearly Membership

Regular:  $85
Associate Member: $60
Social: Ordinary $40
Social: Corporate $100 min

See application for more details.
about dual membership and
corporate groups



404 K-W WING, R.C.A.F.A.
510 Dutton Drive
Waterloo, ON
N2L 4C6
(519) 884-1272

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